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choosing to move in our body with ease & accessibility does not mean we’re not challenging ourselves.
It means we are choosing self-love, connection, and progress over competition and perfection.

Hello and welcome to e'merge wellness. My name is Deanna Lund and I founded e’merge to bring a space to the community where those of us with conditions/concerns, chronic pain or auto-immune feel safe and supported while practicing movement. “e’merge” is two words in one; to “merge” together in mind and body, then to “emerge” into health and vibrancy. On a personal note, I have walked this journey through pain to healing. To learn more about my own journey and how I got to where I am today, click here.

I create customized programs by blending my knowledge of functional movement principals, somatic awareness, Yoga and Pilates together with my intuitive nature to create a unique and explorative experience for each client. I like to encourage a "power with" environment, that of a team, so we move through the journey towards healing together. This is where I will facilitate and guide you towards a deeper awareness in your mind, body connection by giving you the tools to manage/reduce pain, have less limitations, while gaining more mobility, vibrancy and health in your life.

e'merge wellness is new to the Big Island of Hawaii and I’m excited to connect with you really soon!


Redefine • Restore • Revitalize

working online and within the community

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